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If you’re hankering for genuine breaded or beer-battered fish and chips, look no further than Cat’s Fish and Chips at 319 St. Laurent Blvd! Cute and cozy, Cat’s Fish and Chips feels friendly the minute you walk through the door. Cat & Skipper always have a cheery ‘down east’ welcome and the nautical décor adds to the relaxed atmosphere. 

The music will certainly put you in a ‘down east’ state of mind and the menu lets you eat your way across the Maritimes with some delicious down home fare. Try the Scallywag Mussels steamed with Dark Rum, tomatoes, Garlic and Scallions, or for a real ‘down east’ taste the Rings By The Sea – seasoned calamari. You can just smell the sea air! 

But the fish and chips are a must – Cutlass Haddock either breaded or beer battered – simply delicious.  New on the menu is Blackbeard's Halibut!!! A gluten free batter is available.  

The menu features: Big Rig Gold and Rideau Red Beer, and Broadhead Grindstone Ale, Longshot Wheat or Darkhorse Stout, brewed here in Ottawa.  Also available are Moosehead, bottles of Cracked Canoe, and cans of Nicklebrook Gluten Free Beer!!! Pelee Island Wine is on hand for wine lovers. Go on, try the Darkhorse Stout!!!

For down east friendliness and lip-smacking good food, try Cat’s Fish and Chips. 

Cat’s Fish and Chips is easy to find, 319 St. Laurent, corner of Hemlock. Call 613-748-3474.

Find them on Facebook at - leave a message for the Skipper!